Profile of Virginia Primary School in the Free State, South Africa

Virginia Primary School is a public primary school situated in the township of Virginia in the Fezile Dabi District, Free State, South Africa. The school provides a quality foundational education to learners from preschool through Year 6.

With its learner-centered approach and close-knit community environment, Virginia Primary aims to develop students holistically and prepare them for further studies.


Established in 1961 during the apartheid era, Virginia Primary School has grown and evolved over decades while remaining committed to providing township youth with access to excellent education.

Today, the school strives to nurture well-rounded students equipped with knowledge, critical thinking skills, social consciousness, and sound values. Its vision is to create lifelong learners who uplift their communities.

Virginia Primary School follows the South African national curriculum but enhances it with innovative teaching approaches and an emphasis on real-world skills development. With a current enrollment of approximately 800 learners, the school maintains small classes to enable individualized attention.

The school is a proud centre of learning and hope for Virginia township’s young residents. Alumni include doctors, lawyers, teachers, civil servants, and entrepreneurs who contribute to society.

Facilities and Resources

Despite resource constraints as a public school, Virginia Primary maintains excellent facilities to enable impactful teaching and learning:

  • Spacious, clean classrooms with access to electricity, working furniture, and learning corners
  • A small library with books, newspapers, magazines, and computers
  • computer lab equipped with 25 desktops with educational software
  • Sports field for soccer, netball, athletics and play
  • Vegetable gardens used for hands-on science activities
  • school nutrition program ensuring students receive meals
  • Special needs facilities to support learning disabilities
  • Security and fencing to maintain safety

While the facilities are more modest than well-resourced suburban schools, the staff ensure students’ basic needs are met within the school.

Teaching Approach

Virginia Primary School follows a progressive teaching philosophy centered around:

  • Setting high expectations for each child
  • Data-driven teaching using assessments to target problem areas
  • Student-led learning through inquiry, discussion and projects
  • Blending traditional subjects with technology, arts, and critical thinking
  • Promoting values of caring, integrity, respect, responsibility and fairness
  • Community service learning activities like cleaning campaigns
  • Parental involvement through forums, meetings and communication

This participative approach aims to provide both solid foundational knowledge and develop social skills.

School Culture

The school focuses strongly on building a positive culture among staff, students and parents by:

  • Maintaining orderly discipline through clear rules
  • Emphasizing mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Celebrating diversity and ensuring non-discrimination
  • Encouraging teamwork and collaboration
  • Resolving conflicts peacefully through mediation
  • Providing counseling support where needed

This caring and supportive environment helps both students and teachers thrive every day.

Extracurricular Activities

To develop students holistically, Virginia Primary offers various activities outside regular academics:

  • Sports like soccer, netball, and athletics
  • Arts and crafts, drawing, dance
  • Gardening, ecology and environmental clubs
  • Spelling bees, science fairs and Olympiads
  • Outreach projects to help vulnerable community members
  • Celebrating diverse cultural days and events

These activities provide enrichment, fun, and help students explore their talents.


In summary, Virginia Primary School delivers a well-rounded foundational education to the young residents of Virginia township. Through quality instruction, sound values, a supportive culture, and developing each child’s potential, the school opens doors for its students to shine.

Virginia Primary Fast Facts

  • Location: Virginia, Free State
  • Grades: Preschool to Year 6
  • Curriculum: CAPS
  • Language: English medium
  • Founded: 1961
  • Enrollment: Approximately 800 learners
  • Facilities: Classrooms, computer lab, library, sports field
  • Website:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school hours?

School starts at 7:30am and ends at 2pm Monday through Friday. An aftercare facility is available until 5pm.

What documents are needed to enroll?

You’ll need a copy of the child’s birth certificate, clinic card, latest school report, parents’ ID, and proof of residence.

What grades are offered? The school caters to preschool through Grade 6 (approx. ages 5-12).

How much are the annual school fees? As a public school, nominal annual fees help cover basic materials and maintenance. Speak to administration for current amounts.

Is assistance available for disadvantaged learners? Yes, the school works closely with parents facing financial constraints to provide fee exemptions, uniforms, nutrition etc.

Please let me know if you need any other details about Virginia Primary School!


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