In the heart of Mpundu Location, Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa, a beacon of education shines brightly.

Nomvume JP School, a public primary school, is more than just an institution; it’s a nurturing ground for young minds, a place where dreams take root, and a community that believes in the power of education.

Nomvume Jp School overview

Aspect Details
School Name Nomvume JP School
Location Mpundu Location, Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Establishment Year 1994
Named After Nomvume Nonqawuse, Xhosa prophetess
Grade Levels Grade R to Grade 7
Learner Count Approximately 250
Staff Members 15
Municipal Affiliation Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality
District Affiliation Amatole District Municipality
Mission Quality education in a safe, supportive environment
Core Values Respect, Responsibility, Excellence
Subjects Offered English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Life Skills, Arts and Culture, Physical Education
Extracurricular Activities Sports, Music, Dance
Community Involvement Integral part of Mpundu Location community

A Brief Introduction

Established in 1994, Nomvume JP School carries a legacy of educational excellence.

Named after Nomvume Nonqawuse, a notable Xhosa prophetess who played a pivotal role in the Cattle-Killing Movement during the 1850s, this school stands as a tribute to her commitment to change.

The school welcomes learners from Grade R to Grade 7, providing a holistic education that goes beyond the classroom.

The Heart of the Community

Nestled within the Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality and the Amatole District Municipality, Nomvume JP School is more than just an educational institution.

It’s an integral part of the community.

With approximately 250 eager learners and a dedicated team of 15 staff members, the school forms a close-knit family committed to the growth and development of every child.

Mission and Values

At the core of Nomvume JP School’s mission is a simple yet profound goal: to offer quality education within a safe and supportive environment.

The school’s mission is not just words on paper; it’s a daily commitment to nurturing the future of South Africa.

The values that guide them in this journey are respect, responsibility, and excellence.

A Diverse Curriculum

Nomvume JP School boasts a diverse curriculum that caters to the evolving needs of its learners.

From core subjects like English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Science, and Social Sciences to life-enriching courses like Life Skills, Arts and Culture, and Physical Education, the school ensures a well-rounded education.

This diversity enables students to explore their interests and talents.

Beyond the Classroom

Education is not confined to textbooks, and Nomvume JP School understands this well.

The school offers a myriad of extracurricular activities, making the learning experience even more enriching.

Whether it’s engaging in sports, expressing themselves through music, or discovering the joy of dance, students have ample opportunities to explore their passions beyond the regular curriculum.

A Bright Future

Nomvume JP School is more than just a place of learning; it’s a beacon of hope for the Mpundu Location community.

It provides learners with the necessary tools and skills to reach their full potential, fostering a sense of purpose and belonging.

In conclusion, Nomvume JP School is more than just a school; it’s a cornerstone of the community, a place where young minds are nurtured and dreams are realized.

With a rich history, a dedicated staff, a diverse curriculum, and a commitment to values, this institution is an invaluable asset to Mpundu Location, South Africa.

It’s not just about education; it’s about shaping the future of a nation.


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