When it comes to providing top-notch education and nurturing the future leaders of South Africa, Daemani Pfs School in Aliwal North, Eastern Cape, stands out as a beacon of academic excellence.

Established in 1995, this public primary school has grown to become one of the largest and most reputable institutions in Aliwal North.

In this post, we will delve into the heart of Daemani Pfs School, exploring its mission, vision, academic programs, and the vibrant learning environment it offers to young minds.

Daemani Pfs overview

Aspect Description
School Type Public Primary School
Location Aliwal North, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Co-education Yes (Grade R to Grade 7)
Established 1995
Total Learners 1,200
Total Teachers 50
Management School Governing Body (SGB) – Parents, Teachers, Community Members
Mission Provide quality education to all learners
Vision Be a leading primary school, producing well-rounded learners
Core Subjects English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Life Skills, Technology, Arts and Culture
Extra-Curricular Sports, Choir, Drama, Dance, Chess, Debating
Reputation Academic excellence, discipline, safe and supportive environment
Achievement National School of Excellence Award (2022)

A Glance at Daemani Pfs School

A Home for Knowledge Seekers

Daemani Pfs School caters to a diverse group of learners, from Grade R to Grade 7, making it a truly co-educational institution.

It’s not just a school; it’s a nurturing home for knowledge seekers who come from various backgrounds and circumstances.

The Pillars of Leadership

With a total of 1,200 learners and a dedicated team of 50 teachers, Daemani Pfs School maintains an ideal student-to-teacher ratio, ensuring that each child receives the individualized attention they deserve.

The school’s management is entrusted to a School Governing Body (SGB), comprising parents, teachers, and community members.

This ensures a well-rounded and community-focused approach to education.

Unveiling the School’s Mission and Vision

Quality Education for All

Daemani Pfs School holds a profound mission: to provide quality education to all learners, irrespective of their backgrounds or circumstances.

This mission forms the very foundation of the school’s existence and echoes the broader goals of the South African educational system.

A Vision of Excellence

The school’s vision is to be a leading primary school in Aliwal North, consistently producing well-rounded and successful learners.

This vision is driven by the passion to nurture young minds and empower them to become leaders, not just in academics but also in life.

Academic Programs: Nurturing Minds

Daemani Pfs School offers a comprehensive range of academic programs, fostering a well-rounded and holistic learning experience.

The curriculum is designed to meet the diverse needs of its learners. Some of the core subjects include:





Social Studies

Life Skills


Arts and Culture

This broad spectrum of subjects ensures that learners are equipped with a well-rounded education, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their academic journey.

Beyond the Classroom: Extra-Curricular Activities

At Daemani Pfs School, education extends beyond the classroom, with a rich tapestry of extra-curricular activities that cater to a wide range of interests.

These activities help in the overall development of the students, nurturing their talents and passions.

Some of the extra-curricular offerings include:







These activities not only encourage physical fitness and teamwork but also provide a platform for self-expression and personal growth.

A Legacy of Excellence

Daemani Pfs School’s commitment to academic excellence is well-recognized in the Aliwal North community.

The school has consistently achieved high results in national examinations, a testament to the quality education it imparts.

Moreover, the school is known for its unwavering dedication to discipline, creating a safe and supportive environment for all learners.

In 2022, Daemani Pfs School received the prestigious National School of Excellence Award from the South African Department of Basic Education.

This accolade is bestowed upon schools that consistently excel in academics and make a significant contribution to their community.

In conclusion, Daemani Pfs School in Aliwal North is not just an educational institution; it’s a place where dreams take root and futures are built.

With a commitment to academic excellence, a wide array of academic programs, and a rich tapestry of extra-curricular activities, Daemani Pfs School is shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Whether you’re a parent seeking the best education for your child or a member of the community looking to support a school that truly makes a difference, Daemani Pfs School is a name to remember, a name that signifies excellence in education.


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