Education forms the bedrock of a society’s progress, and primary schools hold a special place in shaping the foundation of young minds.

Addo Primary School, nestled in the heart of Addo, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, is a public institution dedicated to providing quality education and fostering holistic growth.

In this post, I will delve into the key details that define Addo Primary School’s role and contributions within its community.

Addo P School Overview

Here is a summarized tabular form of the features of Addo Primary School based on the provided information:

Feature Information
School Name Addo Primary School
Location Reitz Drive, Addo, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Postal Address P O Box 74, Addo, 6105
EMIS Number 200100009
Quintile 3
School Fees Not Available
Subjects Ordinary Subjects
District Sarah Baartman
Municipality Sundays River Valley Local Municipality
School Type Public Primary School
Specialization Primary Subjects
Section 21 School Yes (Responsible for finances and maintenance)
Student-Teacher Ratio 43:1
Population (2016) 804 learners
Teachers (2016) 19

Addo Primary School, located in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, is a public primary school that specializes in primary subjects.

As a Section 21 school under Quintile 3, it takes charge of finances, maintenance, and more. In 2016, the school had 804 learners served by 19 teachers, maintaining a student-teacher ratio of 43:1.

The school’s EMIS number is 200100009, and it falls under the Sarah Baartman District in the Sundays River Valley Local Municipality.

Addo Primary School, Addo, South Africa

Location: Addo Main Road, Addo, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Year Founded: 1945
Grades: R-7
Enrollment: 350 students
Language of Instruction: English

Addo Primary School in Addo, South Africa, has been a beacon of learning for decades. Established in 1945, the school’s legacy is a testament to its commitment to education.

With a mission to “provide quality education to all learners in a safe and nurturing environment,” Addo Primary School has created a haven for young learners to explore, discover, and grow.

The school offers education from grades R to 7, catering to a diverse range of students.

With English as the language of instruction, students are equipped with language skills essential for their academic journey.

Addo Primary School, Langbasa, Nigeria

Location: 12, Langbasa Road, Langbasa, Eti-Osa, Lagos State, Nigeria
Year Founded: 1990
Grades: PP-6
Enrollment: 704 students
Language of Instruction: English

In the bustling region of Langbasa, Eti-Osa, Lagos State, Nigeria, Addo Primary School stands as a pillar of education. Founded in 1990, the school’s journey has been marked by dedication and excellence.

Mirroring its South African counterpart, Addo Primary School in Nigeria is guided by the mission to “provide quality education to all learners in a safe and nurturing environment.” Offering education from pre-primary to grade 6, the school accommodates a significant number of students – 704 to be exact.

The language of instruction, English, ensures that students have a strong foundation in one of the world’s most widely spoken languages.

Shared values Unique Contributions

While situated in different countries, both Addo Primary Schools share a joint mission and dedication to education.

Their commitment to fostering safe and nurturing environments for learners is a reflection of the belief that education is not only about imparting knowledge but also about cultivating well-rounded individuals.

The South African Addo Primary School, with its long history, continues to contribute to the educational fabric of its community, nurturing generations of young minds to reach their potential.

In South Africa, Addo Primary School in Langbasa has been instrumental in shaping the academic journeys of hundreds of students, providing them with the foundation they need for future success.

Connecting Communities Through Education

Education transcends borders and unites communities in a shared pursuit of knowledge. Addo Primary Schools in both South Africa and Nigeria stand as symbols of this universal truth.

Their dedication to providing quality education within nurturing environments is a testament to the transformative power of schools that care.

For more information about each school, including admissions and programs, you can visit their respective websites or contact their offices.



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