Are you on the lookout for an exceptional Christian school in Alexandria, Eastern Cape, South Africa? Look no further than Alexandria Christian Academy (ACA).

Established in 2002, ACA has been a beacon of quality education rooted in Christian values for over two decades.

In this post, we’ll explore what makes ACA stand out and why it’s the ideal choice for students seeking an education that goes beyond the ordinary.

Alexandria Christian Academy overview

Key Points Details
Introduction Alexandria Christian Academy (ACA) is a leading Christian school in Alexandria, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Establishment Founded in 2002, ACA offers education from Grade RRR to Grade 12.
Values-Based Education ACA is dedicated to providing a values-based education that transforms lives.
Curriculum ACA’s curriculum aligns with the South African National Curriculum Statement.
Extra-Curricular Activities The school offers a variety of activities, including sports, music, and drama.
Personalized Learning Small class sizes ensure personalized instruction, leading to academic success.
Academic Excellence ACA upholds strong academic standards to prepare students for the future.
Community A tight-knit Christian community fosters personal growth and spiritual development.
Non-Profit & Accredited ACA is a non-profit organization funded by tuition, donations, and grants. It’s accredited by the South African Council for Independent Schools.
Testimonials Parents and students express satisfaction with ACA’s education and environment.
Conclusion ACA offers a top-quality, faith-driven education for students in Eastern Cape.

A Brief Introduction to ACA

1. A Legacy of Excellence

Founded in 2002, Alexandria Christian Academy has a rich legacy of providing top-tier education.

With nearly two decades of experience, ACA has honed its educational approach to ensure students receive the best possible foundation for their future.

2. Catering to All Age Groups

ACA welcomes students from Grade RRR to Grade 12.

This broad range allows students to embark on their educational journey at ACA and continue to benefit from its nurturing environment throughout their school years.

3. Values-Driven Education

At the heart of ACA’s philosophy is a commitment to Christian values.

The school’s mission is clear: “to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and character to live a life of purpose and impact.”

This mission is woven into every aspect of ACA’s curriculum and daily life.

4. A Vision of Transformation

ACA aspires to be more than just a school; it aims to be “a leading Christian school that transforms lives.”

This vision drives the school’s dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.

ACA’s Educational Approach

5. Aligned with National Standards

ACA’s curriculum is meticulously aligned with the South African National Curriculum Statement.

This alignment ensures that students receive a well-rounded and nationally recognized education.

6. Beyond the Classroom

ACA believes in holistic development.

In addition to academics, the school offers a diverse range of extra-curricular activities, including sports, music, and drama.

These activities help students discover their passions and talents beyond the classroom.

7. Personalized Learning

One of ACA’s standout features is its commitment to individualized instruction.

With small class sizes, students benefit from personalized attention, allowing them to thrive academically.

8. A Strong Academic Foundation

ACA is renowned for its high academic standards.

The school’s rigorous approach to learning prepares students not only for their current studies but also for their future educational endeavors.

9. A Christian Community

ACA fosters a strong sense of community among students, parents, and staff.

This supportive environment encourages personal growth and spiritual development.

Non-Profit and Accredited

10. A Commitment to Excellence

As a non-profit organization, ACA’s primary focus is on providing a top-quality education to its students.

The school is funded through tuition fees, donations, and grants, ensuring its sustainability and commitment to its mission.

11. Accreditation Matters

ACA is proud to be accredited by the South African Council for Independent Schools.

This accreditation serves as a testament to the school’s commitment to meeting and exceeding educational standards.

Testimonials: What Parents and Students Say

12. Parental Satisfaction

Parents express their satisfaction with ACA: “My child is thriving at ACA.

The teachers are excellent, and the school has a warm and welcoming atmosphere.”

13. Academic Growth

“I am so grateful for the education my child is receiving at ACA.

The school is challenging but also supportive. My child is learning so much and growing in their faith,” shares another parent.

14. Personal Attention

Students appreciate ACA’s small class sizes: “I love the small class sizes at ACA.

My child gets the individual attention they need to succeed.”

15. Faith and Academics

“I am so glad I chose ACA.

The school has helped me grow in my faith and in my academic skills,” attests a student.


In your search for a Christian school in Alexandria, Eastern Cape, look no further than Alexandria Christian Academy.

With its legacy of excellence, values-driven education, commitment to personalized learning, and accreditation, ACA is a beacon of educational quality.

It’s a place where students not only receive a top-notch education but also grow in character and faith.

If you are interested in learning more about Alexandria Christian Academy, we encourage you to visit their website or contact the school office.

Discover how ACA can help your child embark on a journey of academic and personal growth that will last a lifetime.


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