List Of payday loans for blacklisted no credit check

Accessing Loans When Blacklisted or With Bad Credit in South Africa

Having a poor credit score or being blacklisted can make it very challenging to qualify for traditional loans and financing from mainstream banks and lenders in South Africa. However, there are still some options you can explore if you need access to cash but have bad credit or prior defaults.

This comprehensive guide covers specialized lenders, payday loans, peer-to-peer lending networks, credit-builder products, and alternative financing methods to consider if you are currently blacklisted or have adverse credit.

List Of payday loans for blacklisted no credit check

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Understanding Blacklisting

First, let’s clarify exactly what it means to be blacklisted in South Africa when it comes to your finances and credit profile.

Being blacklisted refers to having a record of poor credit repayment history, typically involving late payments, defaults, judgments, administration orders or debt reviews. This negative information is stored on your credit file at bureaus like Experian and TransUnion.

Having a history of black marks like defaults and judgments means lenders will view you as very high risk. This makes it difficult to qualify for traditional loans and financing at affordable rates. Your applications may be automatically rejected.

However, there are still some lending options accessible for blacklisted individuals, which we will cover in this guide. The rates and fees will be much higher compared to traditional loans due to the perceived risk.

Payday Lenders

One option for blacklisted borrowers in need of small, short-term loans are payday lenders. Payday loans provide fast access to cash before your next paycheck.

However, the fees and interest rates associated with payday loans are extremely high, often exceeding 30% per month. They should only be used as an absolute last resort for urgent needs and repaid very quickly.

Fat Cat Loans – partners with lenders offering payday loans up to R8,000 with minimal credit checks required. Have income, ID, and bank statement proof ready. Ensure your next pay date covers the repayment.

Cash Crusaders – Major pawnbroker offers online and in-store payday loans ranging from R500 to R8,000 with short 1-6 month terms. Apply online or visit a local store. Expect fees around 5-30% monthly.

KwikCash -provides blacklisted borrowers with quick access to payday loans ranging from R300 up to R8,000. Proof of income and residence is required. Repayment terms are 30 days to 12 months.

If using payday lenders, only borrow small essential amounts in an emergency and repay the loan quickly according to the prescribed payment schedule to avoid excessive compounding fees and interest.

No Credit Check Loan Providers

Some online lenders offer personal loans without performing formal credit checks. This can provide financing access for blacklisted individuals, but the loans come at a high cost with sky-high interest rates due to the risk.

Wonga – offers 1-6 month loans ranging from R150 to R6,000 without credit bureau checks. Provide valid ID, income, and bank details. Their rates start around 5% per month. Only borrow what you require.

Lime24 – approves loans up to R10,000 with minimal credit vetting. Valid ID, income and bank account required. Loan terms 1-24 months with interest of around 20% APA.

CashFlash – provides loans up to R15,000 without intensive credit checks, but requires ID, income, and bank statement proof. Only borrow what your budget allows paying back based on the 3-24 month terms.

Specialized Bad Credit Lenders

Some lenders in South Africa work specifically with blacklisted individuals and those with adverse credit histories. They may be more likely to approve those with past defaults, but will still assess income, affordability, and perform credit checks. The loans come at a high cost with sky-high interest rates given the risk profile.

Money Loans – lends up to R150,000 to blacklisted borrowers and those with adverse histories. Require income and residence proof. Expect rates around 30% APR if approved.

Express Finance – offers personal loans up to R250,000 for blacklisted borrowers able to provide income, ID, and residence proof. Interest rates are very high so limit borrowing only to critical needs.

Loans4Less – works with those blacklisted to provide loans ranging from R500 to R150,000. Requires proof of income and residence. Approval based on affordability with high interest rates.

Only utilize bad credit lenders for essential borrowing aligned with your proven ability to repay according to the prescribed payment schedules. Avoid taking on excessive debt that will be difficult or impossible to pay back.

Peer-to-Peer Lending Networks

Peer-to-peer lending networks connect individual borrowers directly with private investors willing to fund loans. By tapping into individual investors versus institutions, blacklisted borrowers may find more reasonable rates and flexible qualifying criteria.

RainFin – allows you to create a loan listing outlining your needs/terms for investors to review and fund. This provides access for those excluded by banks. Be transparent about your financial situation.

Lulalend – is a P2P lending marketplace matching borrowers and investors directly. Minimum credit scores around 350. Attract investors by providing a detailed overview of your situation.

Lendeez – connects investors and borrowers for personal loans starting at R1,000. Individual lenders may be open to blacklist cases. Be honest in your loan listing.

Credit Builder Loans

Credit builder loans help consumers with limited/negative credit histories establish and build a positive track record. They are essentially secured personal loans backed by your own money.

Here is how they work:

  1. You provide an upfront cash deposit that the lender holds as collateral in case of nonpayment.
  2. The lender then issues you a loan equal to the deposit amount. You are technically borrowing against your own funds.
  3. Make consistent on-time payments over 6-24 months to repay the loan.
  4. With each on-time installment, you build a positive credit history and improve your score.
  5. Once the loan is fully repaid, you get your complete deposit amount back.

When used properly, credit builder loans can help blacklisted individuals gradually improve their credit profile for better future financing options. Just be sure to make payments reliably.

Some lenders offering credit builder loans include:

Alternative Financing Options

If you’ve been turned down by traditional lenders and online platforms, consider these alternative personal loan options:

Borrow from family and friends – Avoid credit checks and interest fees by borrowing from relatives or friends. Have a formal repayment agreement in place.

Loan collateral – Pawnbrokers like CashCrusaders provide loans secured by an item of value like jewelry. Allows you to access cash without credit screening.

Payment advances – Some employers provide advance pay allowing access to future income now. Repayments are taken directly from your upcoming salary payments.

Sell unused items – Consider selling unused possessions through platforms like OLX, Facebook Marketplace, etc. and using the cash as your own financing.

Crowdfunding – If facing an urgent financial crisis, crowdfunding sites like BackaBuddy allow you to raise funds from others.


Being blacklisted or having adverse credit does make accessing affordable loans extremely challenging in South Africa. However, options like payday lenders, peer-to-peer networks, credit builder loans, and alternative sources provide some potential avenues for acquiring financing in a pinch. Focus on gradually improving your credit health over time.


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