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ITHUBA Bursary South Africa 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a high school graduate or current university student interested in Commerce, Accounting or IT studies? Do you require financial assistance to further your education? If so, then the prestigious ITHUBA bursary programme offers an excellent opportunity worth exploring!

In this comprehensive guide, I detail everything you need to know to apply for the ITHUBA bursary for the 2024 academic year. Read on to learn about ITHUBA, bursary eligibility and covered fields of study, step-by-step application instructions, required documents, additional tips and more to give your application the best chance of success!

ITHUBA Bursary


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Let’s start by understanding who offers this fantastic bursary. ITHUBA Holdings RF (Pty) Ltd, also known simply as ITHUBA, is the Lottery operator licensed by the National Lotteries Commission to manage South Africa’s National Lottery. Their licence was granted in 2015 for an initial period of 7 years.

Managed by broad-based empowerment shareholders, ITHUBA promotes social upliftment and responsible gaming across South Africa. They run lottery games like POWERBALL, LOTTO, LOTTO PLUS, daily LOTTO and RAFFLE, driving billions in ticket sales annually.

A portion of revenue generated is allocated to good causes that fund charities supporting arts, welfare, healthcare, sports development and more. Furthermore, ITHUBA established their bursary scheme to support youth education.

So in applying for this bursary, you align yourself with a well-known and respected South African company driving social progress!

Bursary Overview

The ITHUBA bursary programme aims to enable academically talented youth from financially constrained backgrounds to access quality tertiary education. Bursaries are awarded based on merit and degree choice.

Specifically, ITHUBA offers full bursaries covering all academic expenses for studies towards Commerce and IT-related undergraduate degrees. Supported fields include:

  • Commerce:
  • Accounting
  • Management Accounting & Finance
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology (IT):
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Communication Networks
  • Information Systems
  • Software Development

By funding these specialized areas of study, ITHUBA seeks to develop a pipeline of skilled graduates who can inject innovation into South Africa’s economy.

So if you are considering pursuing one of the above areas of study, you should definitely apply for this bursary!

Who Can Apply? Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the ITHUBA bursary programme 2024, you must meet the following criteria:


  • South African citizen


  • Completed Matric
  • Studying towards or accepted to study full-time at a reputable South African university in 2024
  • Registered for degree in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Computer Science or related IT field


  • Not older than 23 years old

Academic Performance

  • If currently studying:
  • Achieved minimum 70% per subject in last year of study
  • Obtained at least 70% overall average across all subjects
  • Matriculants:
  • Strong Grade 11 and 12 mid-year results

Financial Need

  • Gross combined family income less than R350,000 per annum
  • From a historically disadvantaged background


  • Willingness to specialize within Commerce or IT
  • Dedication to academic excellence
  • Vision and ethos aligning with ITHUBA values

Meeting all listed eligibility criteria is key to accessing this funding towards your university studies.

Bursary Details

What exactly does the ITHUBA bursary cover?

As a full bursary, it provides comprehensive funding towards all essential academic expenses:

  • Registration and tuition fees
  • Textbooks
  • Official university accommodation
  • Meals allowance
  • Laptop and calculator

Furthermore, successful candidates become part of ITHUBA’s internship programme, gaining work exposure during holidays. Top-performing graduates also receive guidance on potential full-time employment within ITHUBA to launch your career!

So in addition to fully funding your studies, this bursary also unlocks professional development opportunities.

How To Apply? Step-By-Step Guide

Follow this step-by-step application process:

Step 1: Online Application

  • Go to:
  • Locate ITHUBA bursary listing
  • Register an account
  • Complete the online bursary application form

Step 2: Upload Documents

  • Certified copy of South African ID
  • Certified Matric certificate
  • Previous year’s academic record + current year mid-year results (if currently studying)
  • University acceptance letter (first-time applicants)
  • Parents’ ID documents
  • Proof of total household income (payslips, SASSA letter etc.)

Step 3: Motivation Letter

  • Outline academic achievements to date
  • Discuss your career goals
  • Highlight why you deserve this bursary

Step 4: Submit Application

  • By the deadline: 8 January 2024

Submitting all required documents and a strong motivation letter gives your application the best shot!

When Is The Closing Date?

The closing date for ITHUBA bursary applications is 8 January 2024.

Late applications submitted after this date unfortunately cannot be considered, so ensure you apply on time!

Handy Application Tips

Follow these useful suggestions when applying:

  • Start early – open your bursary profile in advance
  • Double check eligibility against all listed criteria
  • Prepare documents like IDs, results ahead of time
  • Check university admission or current registration before applying
  • Proofread all details thoroughly before submission

Attention to these tips displays your dedication and responsibility.

The Selection Process

The ITHUBA bursary selection and award process entails:

  • Initial screening of applications
  • First round shortlisting
  • Interviewing shortlisted candidates
  • Evaluating academic record + financial need
  • Final decisions on successful bursary recipients

Selected applicants are notified via email and sent a full bursary offer pack.

So make sure to impress if you get an interview opportunity!

Contact Details

For any bursary queries, please contact ITHUBA:

📧 Email: [email protected]

📞 Call: 0800 484 822

🌐 Website:

I sincerely hope this guide gives you all essential details you need to apply for the ITHUBA bursary programme. With dedication and a compelling application, best of luck securing this funding towards an exciting future career within commerce or information technology!


In closing, the prestigious ITHUBA bursary presents a potential life-changing opportunity for eligible youth who are academically talented but financially constrained. The ability to entirely fund your university studies while gaining professional work exposure enables you to study without money worries and have your foot in the door at a respected company like ITHUBA post-graduation.

Make use of the extensive details provided in this article to determine your eligibility and craft an exceptional, winning application before the closing date. All the best – I hope you secure this bursary to make your career dreams a reality while giving back to society!


Here are answers to common questions about the ITHUBA bursary:

What is the closing date for applications?

The closing date for the 2024 ITHUBA bursary programme is 8 January 2024.

Which IT degrees qualify?

Eligible IT degrees include Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Software Development and related fields.

Can I apply in Matric?

Yes, Grade 12 learners can apply using their final Grade 11 results and mid-year Grade 12 marks as the academic record.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, you must be 23 years old or younger by the end of 2024.

What documents must I submit?

Required documents are listed in the step-by-step application guide. Have certified copies of all necessary documents ready.

I hope this clarifies any questions! Please direct additional queries directly to ITHUBA.


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