List of guaranteed payday loans in South Africa

Guaranteed Payday Loans in South Africa

Payday loans provide a fast and convenient way to access short term funds to cover pressing financial needs. While most payday lenders conduct affordability assessments before approving loans, some lenders offer guaranteed payday loans in South Africa.

This guide explores options for guaranteed payday loans, their features, costs, repayment terms, eligibility criteria, and what to watch out for when borrowing.

List of guaranteed payday loans in South Africa

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What are Guaranteed Payday Loans?

Guaranteed payday loans are small, unsecured cash advances designed to tide you over until your next salary. These loans range from R500 to R8000.

Unlike standard payday loans, guaranteed payday loans don’t consider your credit score, income, or existing debts for approval. Lenders approve your loan application irrespective of your financial situation.

Guaranteed approval makes them easily accessible. However, guaranteed payday loans often have very high fees and interest rates. Let’s look at some top lenders offering guaranteed payday loans in South Africa.

Koodo Cash Loans

Koodo Cash Loans provides guaranteed short term loans from R500 up to R5000.

Key Features

  • Apply online or via WhatsApp
  • Guaranteed approval
  • Payout within 24 hours of application
  • Payback via debit order on your payday
  • Up to 61-65 days repayment period
  • Registered credit provider


  • Initiation fee: R75
  • Service fee: R85
  • Interest rate: R26 per R500 borrowed
  • VAT: R24 per R500 borrowed

For a R500 loan, the total repayment is R710. Effective APR is 38%.

Unifi Personal Loans

Unifi offers guaranteed cash loans from R1000 to R8000 with flexible 1-6 month repayment.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed payout if approved
  • 1-6 month repayment terms
  • Quick online application
  • Amounts from R1000 to R8000
  • Funds directly to your account


  • Interest rate of 24% per month
  • Once off initiation fee of R150
  • Credit life insurance fee

Unifi guarantees access to personal loans. Compare costs to other lenders before applying.

Protea Loans

Protea Loans guarantees approval for short term loans upon meeting their requirements.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed loans from R500 to R10,000
  • Payback on your next pay date
  • Online applications are processed fast
  • Loans for any purpose


For a R1000 loan:

  • Interest: R80.18
  • Fees: R316.25
  • Total repayment: R1396.43

Protea Loans offers guaranteed short term loans at high costs.

Loan Amounts Offered

Guaranteed payday loans range from R500 up to R10,000 depending on the lender. Consider your budget and only borrow what you need to avoid debt traps.

Here are the typical loan amounts:

  • R500 to R5000 for payday loans
  • R1000 to R8000 for short term loans
  • R500 to R10,000 for personal loans

Opt for the lowest amount you require and can comfortably repay. Avoid maxing out loan limits.

Costs and Fees

Guaranteed approval payday loans come at a high price. Expect to pay:

Interest Rates

  • 24% to 36% per month
  • 288% to 432% APR

Initiation Fees

  • R50 to R150 once-off

Service Fees

  • R50 to R85 per month


  • R7 per R1000 borrowed per month

Compare quotes across multiple lenders to get the best rate you qualify for. The extra costs make these loans expensive over the long run.

Loan Term and Repayment

Guaranteed payday loans have short repayment terms of 1-6 months usually:

  • 1 month – Payback aligned with your next pay date.
  • 3 months – Average for small payday loans.
  • 6 months – Maximum term offered.

You repay the loan principal, fees and interest in fixed monthly installments via debit order. Avoid extremely short terms unless you can repay quickly.

Eligibility for Guaranteed Approval

Guaranteed payday lenders have minimal eligibility criteria:

  • 18+ years age
  • Valid South African ID
  • Active bank account
  • Regular income over R2000 p/m
  • Contact details for verification

They may require your payslips, address proof, and bank statements. There are no intensive credit checks. Meeting the basic criteria makes approval guaranteed.

Pros of Guaranteed Payday Loans

Guaranteed approval payday loans offer certain benefits like:

  • Quick access to cash – Have funds in your account within 24 hours.
  • Guaranteed approval – High approval chances irrespective of credit score.
  • Convenient applications – Easy online application process.
  • Minimal paperwork – Only basic documents are required.
  • No credit checks – Prior credit history does not impact approval.
  • No collateral needed – Unsecured loans so no need for assets.
  • Fast payout – Many lenders deposit funds the same day.
  • Regulated lenders – Several options among registered credit providers.

Cons to Note

However, guaranteed payday loans also come with risks such as:

  • Very high interest rates – Can be 10x higher than traditional loans.
  • Short repayment terms – Payback as soon as your next payday.
  • Costly for long term use – Expensive if used frequently or to borrow large amounts.
  • Risk of debt traps – Continuous loan renewals result in spiraling debt.
  • Easy to over-borrow – Instant approval may tempt you to borrow more than required.
  • Hurts your credit score – Multiple payday loan applications negatively impact your credit profile.

Tips for Guaranteed Payday Loan Borrowers

Apply for a guaranteed payday loan only if you need to. Consider these tips:

  • Take a small amount you can repay comfortably. Avoid maxing out the available limit.
  • Pick longer 3-6 month terms instead of 1 month to ease repayment burden.
  • Have a clear repayment plan before borrowing. Factor in the high costs.
  • Avoid rolling over or extending the loan duration as it amplifies costs.
  • Compare lenders to get the lowest advertised rates and fees.
  • Read terms and conditions carefully before accepting loan offers.
  • Consider alternatives like borrowing from friends, credit cards, or traditional personal loans.
  • Use sparingly only for real emergencies, not for regular expenses or debt consolidation.


Guaranteed approval payday loans provide access to quick funds regardless of your credit profile. However, the convenience comes at very high interest rates and short repayment terms. Avoid debt traps by comparing options, borrowing only what you need absolutely, and repaying promptly. Consider alternatives where feasible before choosing guaranteed payday loans which should be used sparingly.


Q: Are there guaranteed loans for blacklisted people?

A: Yes, some online lenders offer guaranteed approval loans even if you are blacklisted. However, the costs are extremely high, so avoid if possible.

Q: Where can I get a guaranteed loan with no payslips?

A: Some payday lenders like Unifi offer guaranteed loans with only your ID and bank statements. However, the interest rates are higher than normal.

Q: Can I get a guaranteed loan today?

A: Yes, many online lenders like Koodo Cash Loans can deposit guaranteed payday loans into your account within 24 hours of successful application.

Q: What happens if I default on a guaranteed loan?

A: If you default, you will incur penalty fees and extra interest costs. The lender can also report it to credit bureaus affecting your credit score and ability to get future loans.

Q: Are there guaranteed loans for students?

A: Generally payday lenders do not offer student loans. Your best options are bursaries, scholarships, study loans from banks, and loans from family.


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