Feenix Student Debt Bursary Application 2024
Feenix Bursary – Overcoming Education Funding Barriers

While existing financial schemes focus largely on enabling prospective students, limited mechanisms cater to the growing tribe of graduates weighed down by overwhelming student debt.

This is where the Feenix Student Debt Bursary in South Africa steps in to alleviate the burden of outstanding education loans, arrears and related monetary shackles.

By equipping such students to complete their degrees unencumbered, the program unlocks their productive economic participation and contribution.

Feenix Student Debt Bursary Application 2024

Here is a detailed guide covering eligibility factors, application process and everything else about this unique funding avenue.

Bursary Highlights

Purpose: Help final year students clear outstanding education debt to complete their degree

Provider: Feenix Trust

Amount: Up to full settled amount depending on funding availability

So if you have pending college payments unable to be cleared independently, this is worth exploring.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

To qualify for their student debt funding support, you must satisfy the following base parameters:


  • Hold a valid South African ID document

Academic Standing

  • Currently in final year of your undergraduate bachelor’s degree
  • On track for successful degree completion by December 2024


  • Enrolled in one of South Africa’s 26 public universities

Financial Need

  • Have student debt from current or previous academic years
  • Total family income under R600,000 per annum (or R850,000 with disability)

Meeting the above showcases you as a deserving candidate perfectly aligned to the bursary’s objective.

Overview of Debt Funding Amount

Once deemed eligible based on the qualifying metrics, you stand to receive:

Partial/Full Coverage

  • Of your entire outstanding student debt amount as visible on your university fee statements
  • Encompassing tuition expenses, accommodation dues, stationary costs and other applicable academic expenses

So comprehensive alleviation of the monetary obstacles restricting your degree completion.

Added Bursary Benefits

Alongside debt funding, you also gain free access to:

Financial Literacy Program

  • Blackbullion’s accredited online financial education modules
  • Guidance on debt management, investments, wealth creation and more
  • Vital skills for lifelong fiscal prudence

This combination of financial debt resolution and guidance aids all-round empowerment.

Step-by-Step Application Instructions

While applications for 2024 close end-February, here is how to apply:

  1. Check Feenix Student Debt Bursary Page to access application
  2. Create your user profile with personal + academic details
  3. Indicate university name, debt amount and upload fee statements
  4. Specify your household income slab accurately
  5. Submit the completed application before deadline
  6. Wait for email confirmation on application status

So crystal clear process for your convenience.

Here are useful website pages to get started:

As you focus on your academics, hope the Feenix bursary can help unlock your professional journey ahead by lifting the monetary encumbrances along the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional questions applicants have:

When is the final date to apply every year?
The Feenix funding application window closes by end February for the upcoming academic year. Exact deadlines vary annually.

What proportion of debt is cleared by the bursary?
The bursary aims to clear as much of your outstanding debt as possible based on allocated funding availability. They assess on a case-by-case basis.

Can current 2nd/3rd years apply for prospective debt?
No, only final year students apply given the immediacy to complete their degree. But do check other Feenix forward-looking bursaries.

Hope this gives you comprehensive perspective. Reach out for any other queries!


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