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Exploring the Timeless Elegance of East Lake Golf Club

Nestled just 5 miles east of the vibrant heart of Atlanta, Georgia, lies a golfing gem that has stood the test of time – the East Lake Golf Club.

As the oldest golf course in Atlanta, with its establishment dating back to 1904, this private sanctuary of golfing excellence boasts not only a rich history but also a legacy intertwined with the sport’s legends.

East Lake Golf Course

A Tribute to Golfing Greatness

The pages of golfing history turn vivid when mentioning East Lake, for it proudly boasts its association with none other than the legendary Bobby Jones.

A name etched in gold letters in the annals of golf, Jones found his golfing home in the sprawling embrace of East Lake.

The clubhouse itself stands as a testament to his remarkable achievements, an homage to the man who left an indelible mark on the sport.

A Championship Haven

East Lake Golf Club has played host to a myriad of national and regional championships, each event leaving an imprint on its hallowed fairways.

Notable among these is the prestigious Ryder Cup of 1963, a testament to the course’s ability to challenge and bring out the best in golfers.

The echoes of competitions past still resonate through the undulating greens, a reminder of the historic battles fought on this very ground.

A Tapestry of Challenges

Characterized by its challenging layout, East Lake beckons golfers to navigate its intricacies.

The fairways, at times seemingly thread-like, demand precision and strategy. Deep bunkers stand as silent sentinels, ready to test even the most seasoned players’ sand game.

The greens, an ode to perfection, are both swift and tricky, ensuring that each putt demands unwavering focus.

A Scenic Journey

Beyond the fierce challenges lies an oasis of natural beauty.

East Lake Golf Club stands as a picturesque haven, embraced by rolling hills and canopied by the wisdom of mature trees.

The course is a masterpiece of design, with a serene lake gracefully weaving its way into the tapestry of play on multiple holes.

This marriage of sport and nature creates an experience that resonates with every golfer’s soul.

The Tour Championship’s Permanent Abode

Since 2004, East Lake has etched its name in the modern golfing landscape as the perennial host of the Tour Championship.

This event marks the culmination of the PGA Tour Playoffs for the coveted FedEx Cup.

The finest golfers from around the world gather on these hallowed grounds, a testament to the enduring allure and challenge East Lake presents.

Embracing Prestige and Membership

Membership at East Lake Golf Club is akin to holding a key to an exclusive kingdom of golfing excellence.

The initiation fee, a reflection of the prestige that envelops the club, stands at $125,000.

A coveted privilege sought by many, the club offers a pathway to an unparalleled golfing experience.

But even for those not part of its membership fold, the club extends offerings such as tee time bookings and access to the clubhouse’s culinary delights.

Can the public play at East Lake?

Unveiling the Exclusivity of East Lake Golf Club: Membership and Beyond

In the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, a golfing paradise awaits – the illustrious East Lake Golf Club.

Steeped in history and luxury, this private enclave of golfing excellence beckons to those who seek more than just a game.

As the oldest golf course in Atlanta, East Lake has earned its place as a sanctuary for those who value exclusivity, challenge, and a deep connection to the sport’s heritage.

Beyond the Velvet Rope

East Lake Golf Club holds its gates closely, revealing its greens only to its privileged members and their guests.

The echoes of history that resonate through its fairways are reserved for those who are part of the club’s inner circle.

For the public, the allure of East Lake is experienced from a distance, through its prestigious tournaments and glimpses of its iconic beauty.

The Path to Membership

Becoming a part of East Lake Golf Club’s esteemed membership requires navigating a carefully curated path.

One route is an invitation extended by an existing member, a nod to the tight-knit camaraderie that defines the club’s atmosphere.

Alternatively, individuals can apply for membership, subject to the scrutiny and approval of the club’s board of directors.

This meticulous selection process ensures that each member is a fitting addition to the club’s legacy.

The Exclusive Experience

Membership at East Lake comes with privileges that extend beyond the greens.

The initiation fee, set at $125,000, is a reflection of the exclusivity and prestige that define the club.

Additionally, an annual dues requirement ensures the seamless continuation of the club’s offerings.

For those who value both the challenge of the course and the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts, East Lake stands as an unparalleled haven.

The Grand Stage: Tour Championship

While the public might not tread East Lake’s fairways, they can witness its magic at the Tour Championship, a marquee event hosted by the club annually.

This four-day tournament showcases the crème de la crème of golfing talent, with the top 30 golfers in the FedExCup standings vying for supremacy.

Spectators can secure their place at this spectacle through ticket purchases on the PGA Tour website, allowing them to absorb the aura of East Lake’s challenges and triumphs.

A Glimpse Within: Public Tours

For those who yearn to breathe the same air as golfing legends, East Lake offers a solution.

Public tours, conducted on weekdays and Saturdays, provide an intimate insight into the club’s splendor.

Lasting approximately two hours, these guided tours encompass visits to the clubhouse, the driving range, and the putting green. A nominal fee opens the door to a world that is otherwise reserved for the fortunate few.

Unlocking the Gates

To quench your curiosity or explore the possibility of membership, East Lake Golf Club’s website serves as a gateway to its offerings.

Additionally, reaching out to the club’s pro shop offers a direct line of communication for those eager to delve deeper into the East Lake experience.

How many golfers are at East Lake?

East Lake Golf Club: Where Diversity Meets Excellence on the Greens

In the heart of Atlanta, the exclusive East Lake Golf Club stands as a haven for approximately 300 golfers, encompassing both members and their esteemed guests.

A sanctuary of golfing prowess and camaraderie, this revered establishment boasts a heritage that transcends backgrounds and walks of life.

Where Limit Meets Exclusivity

East Lake Golf Club is synonymous with exclusivity, a quality upheld by its strict capacity limit.

This ensures that the verdant fairways and challenging holes are graced by only a limited number of golfers at any given time, allowing for an intimate and focused experience on the course.

A Tapestry of Diversity

Within the refined halls of East Lake’s clubhouse, an eclectic mosaic of individuals gathers.

The club’s membership mirrors the vibrant tapestry of the city it calls home, with business executives, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and even a sprinkle of celebrities composing its ranks.

This diverse blend of professions and passions creates an environment where stories intertwine and connections flourish.

Guests: A Global Melting Pot

Beyond the clubhouse doors, the diversity of East Lake’s community extends to its guests.

These visitors hail from corners of the globe, each bringing a unique story and perspective to the greens.

Among them are members of other private clubs seeking the allure of East Lake’s challenges, as well as friends and family members of current members who have the privilege of sharing in the club’s splendor.

For All Skill Levels

East Lake Golf Club extends its arms to golfers of every skill level, offering an environment where challenges are met with determination and triumphs are celebrated with grace.

The course’s reputation as a destination for golfers of all walks is built upon its compelling layout and picturesque setting.

The undulating fairways, strategic bunkers, and swift greens provide a canvas for golfers to put their skills to the test amidst the backdrop of nature’s beauty.

How many golfers are at East Lake?

The Tour Championship: A Gathering of Golfing Elite at East Lake Golf Club

In the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, the East Lake Golf Club transforms each September into a battleground of golfing excellence.

As the host of the Tour Championship, this prestigious club welcomes a select group of golfers, each a maestro of the sport, to vie for supremacy amidst the whispers of history and the cheers of dedicated spectators.

The Elite 30: A Clash of Titans

East Lake Golf Club, with its rich legacy and challenging layout, sets the stage for an extraordinary event – the Tour Championship.

This exclusive tournament draws only the crème de la crème of golfing talent, as it opens its fairways to the top 30 golfers in the FedExCup standings.

These athletes have proven their prowess throughout the season, and the Tour Championship serves as the grand finale, a stage where legends are forged and legacies are etched.

The Pulse of Competition

During the Tour Championship, East Lake Golf Club hums with an electric energy, as every swing and putt reverberate through its historic fairways.

The golfers engage in a dance of strategy and skill, navigating the course’s challenges in pursuit of the coveted title.

As the sun sets over Atlanta, the club becomes a theater of triumphs and tribulations, where the resilience of each golfer is tested and the spirit of competition reigns supreme.

Beyond the Fairways

While the focus is undeniably on the golfers, the Tour Championship brings more than just athletes to East Lake Golf Club.

Caddies, the silent partners in the journey of every golfer, grace the greens alongside their players, offering support and guidance.

Volunteers and staff members, the unsung heroes behind the scenes, ensure the seamless execution of the tournament’s intricate dance.

Limited spectators, lucky enough to witness the spectacle in person, contribute their cheers to the chorus of the event.

A Temporary Transformation

The Tour Championship is a fleeting moment of transformation for East Lake Golf Club.

The club’s renowned course, usually reserved for its esteemed membership, welcomes the tournament’s elite field. However, as the event concludes, the club returns to its normal rhythm.

Approximately 300 golfers who call East Lake home regain their domain, gracing the fairways as they always have.

A Legacy in Every Swing

The Tour Championship is not just a gathering of athletes; it’s a continuation of East Lake Golf Club’s legacy. Its historic fairways have borne witness to countless battles, and each year, a new chapter is added.

As the golfers take their shots, they become part of the club’s tapestry, contributing their stories to the narrative that has unfolded over decades.

How many holes is East Lake Golf Club?

Unveiling the Mastery: East Lake Golf Club’s 18-Hole Jewel

Nestled within the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, East Lake Golf Club stands as a testament to the harmonious union of nature’s beauty and golfing prowess.

With its revered 18 holes, masterfully designed by Donald Ross and brought to life in 1913, this historic course has etched its name in the annals of the sport, hosting legendary championships and embodying the essence of challenge and elegance.

A Design Crafted by Ross

The symphony of East Lake’s fairways and greens owes its existence to the visionary mind of Donald Ross.

Each hole is a canvas on which his genius is painted, weaving a tapestry of challenge and strategy.

Since its opening in 1913, this course has been a canvas upon which countless golfing stories have been written.

A Stage for Legends

East Lake Golf Club’s undulating fairways have borne witness to golfing history, hosting major championships that remain etched in time.

The resounding echoes of the Ryder Cup of 1963, where legends left their indelible mark, still whisper through its corridors.

And since 2004, East Lake has been the steadfast host of the Tour Championship, where modern-day golfing heroes gather to battle for supremacy.

The Canvas of Challenge

East Lake’s reputation as a challenging course is woven into its very fabric.

The layout stands as a testament to the artistry of design, with narrow fairways that demand precision and accuracy.

Deep bunkers stand guard, ready to humble even the most skilled golfers, and the greens, swift and true, challenge each putt’s trajectory.

The lake that gracefully intersects with the course adds both beauty and complexity, demanding strategic decision-making on multiple holes.

Where Beauty Meets Sport

Beyond its challenging nature, East Lake Golf Club captivates with its scenic splendor.

The course is cradled by rolling hills that offer panoramic views and showcase the natural beauty of the land.

The presence of mature trees casts a tranquil shadow, a testament to time’s passage.

A glistening lake emerges as a player on select holes, enhancing the strategic depth and lending an additional layer of elegance.

The Par and the Challenge

East Lake Golf Club presents golfers with a par 70 for men and a par 72 for women, a testament to the diverse skillsets required to conquer its challenges.

The longest hole, the par-5 16th, stretches 575 yards from the back tees, demanding both distance and precision.

Conversely, the par-3 12th, the shortest hole, requires a calculated touch across its 145-yard distance.

The Realm of Exclusivity

East Lake Golf Club’s 18 holes are a treasure reserved for its privileged members and their guests.

A sanctuary of golfing excellence, the club offers a glimpse into its realm of exclusivity.

Beyond the fairways, the club extends certain privileges to non-members, such as booking tee times and enjoying the culinary delights of the clubhouse.

How many holes is East Lake Golf Club?

Where is East Lake PGA tournament?

The Prestigious East Lake PGA Tournament: Where Excellence Unfolds

In the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, an event of unparalleled prestige unfolds on the fairways of the iconic East Lake Golf Club.

The East Lake PGA Tournament stands as a testament to golfing excellence, a gathering that reverberates with history, camaraderie, and the pursuit of victory.

A Landmark Location

The East Lake PGA Tournament finds its home at the storied East Lake Golf Club, nestled at 200 Bobby Jones Way, Atlanta, GA 30315, United States.

This hallowed ground has witnessed the swings and stories of golf’s finest, etching its place in the sport’s rich legacy.

A Public Spectacle

While East Lake Golf Club may be a private sanctuary for its esteemed members, the East Lake PGA Tournament extends its embrace to the public.

This annual event invites enthusiasts to witness the magic in person.

Tickets for the tournament, a golden key to a world of golfing brilliance, are available for purchase through the PGA Tour website.

A Glimpse at Greatness

The East Lake PGA Tournament is not just a golfing event; it is a showcase of greatness.

This tournament stands as the crowning jewel of the PGA Tour Playoffs for the FedExCup, a culmination that brings together the top 30 golfers in the FedExCup standings.

These athletes, modern-day titans of the sport, gather with a singular aim – to etch their names into the annals of golfing history.

A History Etched in Victory

The East Lake PGA Tournament’s history is a tapestry woven with the threads of victory and legacy. Since its inception in 1998, it has been a stage for golf’s brightest stars.

From 2004 onwards, it has found its home at East Lake Golf Club, a partnership that adds an extra layer of resonance to the event.

Legends like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Dustin Johnson have all claimed victory on this sacred ground.

Beyond the Fairways

The East Lake PGA Tournament isn’t just about birdies and bogeys; it carries a deeper purpose.

This event stands as a beacon of philanthropy and community support.

As a major fundraiser for the East Lake Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to transforming lives in the East Lake community, the tournament serves a noble cause.

The foundation’s dedication to revitalizing the neighborhood has led to transformative investments and a thriving community.

A Tale of Excellence

As the September sun casts its golden glow on the greens of East Lake Golf Club, the East Lake PGA Tournament unfolds.

It’s a tale of excellence, camaraderie, and the relentless pursuit of victory.

From the world-class golfers who grace its fairways to the spectators who share in the spectacle, the tournament’s impact is felt far beyond the course.

It’s a celebration of sport, a showcase of history, and a testament to the transformative power of community support.

Can anyone play East Lake golf Course?

In the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, lies a golfing haven shrouded in exclusivity – the illustrious East Lake Golf Club. This sanctuary of skill and camaraderie welcomes a select few to its fairways, offering a golfing experience that echoes with history, challenge, and a touch of elegance.

A Realm of Privilege

East Lake Golf Club isn’t just a course; it’s a coveted privilege extended to its members and their esteemed guests.

With its gates closely guarded, it remains a sanctuary where the art of golf is celebrated amidst a backdrop of natural beauty and challenge.

The exclusivity of East Lake adds to its allure, creating an environment that resonates with camaraderie and shared passion.

Pathways to Membership

For those seeking entry into this exclusive realm, East Lake Golf Club offers carefully curated pathways.

One avenue is an invitation extended by a current member, a testament to the bonds forged within the club’s community.

Alternatively, aspiring members can embark on the journey of application, subject to the scrutiny and approval of the club’s board of directors.

The initiation fee of $125,000 reflects the prestige that envelops the club, with annual dues contributing to the continuation of its offerings.

A Glimpse Beyond

While East Lake Golf Club reserves its fairways for its members, the public can still engage with its aura.

The Tour Championship, a marquee event in the golfing calendar, graces the club’s grounds each year.

This four-day spectacle features the top 30 golfers in the FedExCup standings, a testament to the club’s place in golfing history.

Tickets for the tournament can be secured through the PGA Tour website, offering a chance to witness greatness in action.

Guided by History

For those who yearn to walk in the footsteps of legends, East Lake Golf Club offers an intimate solution. Public tours, available on weekdays and Saturdays, grant access to the club’s splendor.

Guided by knowledgeable hosts, these tours last approximately two hours and include visits to the clubhouse, the driving range, and the putting green.

A nominal fee unlocks a world usually reserved for the privileged few.

The Gateway to Discovery

For those intrigued by East Lake Golf Club’s legacy, the club’s website and pro shop serve as gateways to exploration.

The digital realm offers insights into the club’s offerings and history, while the pro shop provides a direct link for those eager to delve deeper.

What tournaments are played at East Lake?

Where Legends Compete: The Prestigious Tournaments of East Lake Golf Club

Nestled within the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, East Lake Golf Club transcends its status as a private sanctuary to become a stage where golfing excellence unfolds.

Two tournaments, each bearing its own unique legacy, grace the fairways of this iconic course, bringing together professionals, amateurs, and a rich tapestry of history.

The Tour Championship: A Grand Culmination

The Tour Championship stands as the grand crescendo of the PGA Tour Playoffs for the FedExCup.

As the culminating event, it gathers the crème de la crème of golfing talent, the top 30 golfers in the FedExCup standings, to vie for supremacy.

Held over four days, this tournament is not just a showcase of skill; it’s a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the sport. Since 2004, East Lake Golf Club has been the hallowed ground that witnesses the unfurling drama of the Tour Championship.

The East Lake Invitational: A Blend of Skill and Camaraderie

Preceding the grand spectacle of the Tour Championship, the East Lake Invitational adds a touch of camaraderie to the mix.

This pro-am tournament is a melting pot of PGA Tour professionals and amateur golfers, united by their passion for the game.

Against the backdrop of East Lake’s storied fairways, the East Lake Invitational weaves a tapestry of skill, unity, and shared love for golf. Since 1998, this tournament has etched its mark as a celebration of the sport’s essence.

A Stage for Legends

East Lake Golf Club’s history is punctuated by notable tournaments that have graced its greens.

The Ryder Cup of 1963, a historic event in golfing lore, showcased the prowess of golfing legends and the spirit of international competition.

The Western Junior Amateur in 1997, a testament to the future of the sport, unveiled emerging talents against the backdrop of East Lake’s challenges.

These events, each a chapter in the club’s legacy, have left an indelible mark on the course’s tapestry.

The Legacy Continues

As each tournament unfurls its magic on East Lake’s greens, the legacy of the club continues to evolve.

The Tour Championship, a modern-day spectacle that crowns the FedExCup champion, stands as a testament to the pinnacle of achievement.

The East Lake Invitational, a harmonious blend of camaraderie and skill, reminds us that golf is a sport that bridges amateurs and professionals, uniting them in a shared love for the game.

And amidst it all, East Lake Golf Club remains a stage where legends are born and the echoes of history reverberate.


In the tapestry of golf’s history, East Lake Golf Club stands as a thread that weaves together a legacy of excellence, a tribute to champions, and a sanctuary for those who seek the finest golfing challenges.

From its rich history and championship heritage to its scenic splendor and demanding layout, East Lake remains a testament to the enduring spirit of the sport.

As the sun sets beyond its rolling hills, it leaves behind a whisper of the golfing legends who have graced its fairways and an invitation to future generations to step onto its greens and carve their own names into its storied history. Visit the East Lake Golf course here.


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