Chieta Bursary
A Comprehensive Guide to the CHIETA Bursary 2024

The Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CHIETA) provides invaluable bursaries each year for students pursuing careers in the chemical sector. The CHIETA bursary program covers tuition, books, and other educational expenses for eligible applicants.

This comprehensive guide will provide everything you need to know to apply for the CHIETA bursary in 2024. We’ll cover the bursary benefits, eligibility criteria, application timeline, documents required, and expert tips to give you the best shot at securing this funding.

Chieta Bursary

Introduction to CHIETA Bursaries

CHIETA is the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) for the chemical industries in South Africa. Part of their mandate is providing skills development programs like bursaries and internships.

The CHIETA bursary program has supported thousands of students since its inception in 2000. Bursaries are awarded to those pursuing qualifications that will lead to careers in the chemical sector.

These bursaries fully cover tuition fees, learning materials, and other expenses. Recipients can study at any accredited public university or TVET college in fields like chemical engineering, industrial chemistry, laboratory technology and more.

The application process is competitive, but well-prepared applicants have an excellent chance at accessing this valuable funding.

CHIETA Bursary Benefits and Coverage

The CHIETA bursary provides comprehensive support for your educational costs:

  • Tuition fees – CHIETA covers tuition up to R45,000 per year for undergraduate studies and R60,000 per year for postgraduate studies.
  • Learning materials – Additional funding of up to R10,000 per year is provided for textbooks, lab supplies, stationery and other requirements.
  • Accommodation – Bursary recipients may also be eligible for allowances toward residence, commuting costs, and meals.
  • Internships – You may be placed in funded on-the-job training programs with CHIETA’s industry partners.

This coverage alleviates the financial burden of education, allowing you to focus on your studies and future success.

Am I Eligible to Apply for the CHIETA Bursary?

To qualify for a CHIETA bursary, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • South African citizenship
  • Accepted or enrolled full-time at an accredited public university or TVET college
  • Pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification related to the chemical sector
  • Matric pass with minimum 60% average in the previous year of study
  • Demonstrated financial need

Carefully review these requirements before applying. Only students who fulfil all criteria will be considered.

Step-by-Step Guide to the CHIETA Bursary Application Process

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of the CHIETA bursary application process:

Step 1) Check application dates

CHIETA applications open in August and close in September each year. The exact deadlines are announced on their website.

Step 2) Gather required documents

You’ll need your ID, academic records, acceptance letter, income statements, motivation letter and more.

Step 3) Start your online application

Go to the CHIETA website and begin your application on their online portal.

Step 4) Complete all sections accurately

Provide your personal details, academic history, financial situation, and study plans.

Step 5) Upload supporting documents

Attach all the required documents to supplement your application.

Step 6) Submit your application

Carefully review then submit your complete application before the September deadline.

Step 7) Await the outcome

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews. Bursary recipients are notified by November.

Be sure to follow all instructions closely and submit a compelling, accurate application on time.

Critical Documents Needed for Your CHIETA Bursary Application

In addition to the online form, you must submit several supporting documents:

  • Certified ID copy – Confirms your South African citizenship.
  • Academic transcripts – Shows your marks meet the 60% minimum requirement.
  • Tertiary acceptance letter – Provides proof of enrollment in a relevant chemical sciences program.
  • Income statements – Tax returns, pay slips, or other documentation of financial need.
  • Motivation letter – A short essay outlining your academic goals, financial situation, and career aspirations in the chemical field.

These documents validate that you meet the eligibility criteria. Failure to include any required paperwork will undermine your application.

Key Dates and Deadlines for the 2024 CHIETA Bursary

Here are the important CHIETA bursary dates to know:

  • August 2024 – Online application system opens.
  • September 2024 – Application deadline. All submissions must be received by 30 September 2024.
  • October 2024 – Shortlisted candidates are contacted and interviews conducted.
  • November 2024 – Bursary recipients notified by email or post.

Once awarded, your bursary funding will be available effective from January 2025 for the new academic year.

Mark these deadlines in your calendar and be ready to apply as soon as applications open in August.

Expert Insider Tips for a Successful CHIETA Application

Follow these pro tips when applying for the CHIETA bursary:

  • Start early – Begin preparing your application materials weeks in advance. Don’t leave it until the last minute.
  • Follow instructions carefully – Adhere to all formatting rules and include each required document.
  • Emphasize financial need – Clearly explain how the bursary will enable you to pursue your studies.
  • Talk about career goals – Show how your chosen qualification will lead to a career contributing to the chemical sector.
  • Showcase achievements – Include academic, extracurricular or volunteer awards that demonstrate your capabilities.
  • Proofread thoroughly – Avoid careless grammar and spelling mistakes that undermine your application.
  • Keep copies – Save backups of your full application in case you need to resend anything.

With attention to detail and a compelling, honest application, you can secure this valuable funding for your chemical sciences education.

CHIETA Bursary Application FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the CHIETA bursary program:

What academic fields of study are eligible for the CHIETA bursary?

You must pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification that will lead to a career in the chemical industries sector. This includes fields like chemical engineering, industrial chemistry, metallurgy, analytical chemistry, biotechnology, and more.

Can current university students apply for the CHIETA bursary?

Yes, you can apply for CHIETA funding even if you are already enrolled at university, but you cannot apply retroactively for years already completed. The bursary only covers upcoming academic years.

When are bursary recipients announced?

CHIETA typically informs successful applicants that they have been awarded a bursary by early November each year. This allows time for paperwork to be completed before studies commence in January.

Can I submit late applications after the deadline?

No. CHIETA does not accept any late bursary applications under any circumstances. You must apply by 30 September deadline each year.

Is the CHIETA bursary renewable each year?

Yes, CHIETA bursaries can be renewed annually for the full duration of your academic program, provided you continue to meet the minimum academic performance criteria set by CHIETA.


The CHIETA bursary program provides crucial financial support to future chemical industry professionals. This guide covers everything you need to know to successfully apply for CHIETA funding in 2024 – from eligibility criteria to documents required and expert application tips.

With diligent preparation and submission of a compelling, complete application before the September 2024 deadline, you can secure this invaluable investment in your chemical sciences education. The CHIETA bursary will unlock your career potential and contribute skilled graduates to South Africa’s chemical sector.


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