What Does the BBD Bursary Cover?

Unlocking Your Potential: Inside the BBD Bursary & Beyond Programme

The leading end-to-end ICT service provider BBD has empowered exceptional South African students to flourish through its forward-thinking Bursary & Beyond Programme. By fully funding studies and facilitating professional development, young minds can focus on shaping innovative digital solutions without financial limitations holding them back.

In this detailed guide, I unpack everything included in this life-changing programme while outlining how to position yourself as a formidable bursary candidate.

What Does the BBD Bursary Cover?

Introduction to BBD

Established in 1984, BBD delivers specialized software engineering, data analytics and digital transformation solutions for corporate and public sector clients across South Africa and globally.

With expertise spanning cloud computing, cybersecurity, AI and advanced analytics combined with a dynamic workplace culture, BBD offers a launchpad for purpose-driven ICT careers.

The company set up its bursary initiative recognizing that the technology innovation landscape relies on growing future generations. Let’s look at program details.

Overview of BBD Bursary & Beyond Programme

BBD funds full qualifications ranging from undergraduate IT degrees through to postgraduate level in computer science and related specializations.

Approximately 100 bursaries get awarded annually on a merit basis.

The program aims to empower recipients not only during studies but through working life by handling the full spectrum of costs, professional integration, tailored IT skill building and eventually full-time employment.

Financial constraints should never stifle promising talent – this ethos drives the programme’s existence.

Next, let’s unpack the layered benefits incorporated within this life-changing scheme.

Multi-Faceted Support Package

The BBD programme delivers comprehensive support across four key areas:

1. Financial Backing

  • Full coverage of tuition and registration fees
  • Monthly living allowance
  • Standard supplies and textbook allowance

By handling all major costs, you can fully immerse yourself in learning without financial stress impacting focus.

2. Employability Empowerment

  • Assign industry-savvy mentor
  • Annual skills workshop
  • Secured job after graduating

You gain context, experience and a seamless career pipeline priming you for corporate from day one.

3. Wellness Incentives

  • Gap cover medical insurance while studying
  • Group life and disability cover
  • Preventative care benefits

Protection for your overall wellbeing provides peace of mind to excel.

4. Working Culture Integration

  • Company culture orientation
  • Networking events
  • Subsidized office meals

Exposure during studies integrates you smoothly when entering the workplace.

This well-rounded support system across critical areas demonstrates BBD’s commitment to inclusive excellence.

Next let’s unpack eligibility criteria to ascertain alignment.

Core Bursary Qualifying Criteria

BBD carefully vets all candidates based on:

Field of Study

Relevant IT/software engineering degree critical. Some data science/cybersecurity considered.

Academic Achievement

Minimum 70% average essential for school-leavers. Consistency required for current IT students.

Leadership & Problem-Solving

Evidence of demonstrating critical thinking, innovation and responsibility.

Economic Need

Verifiable proof of financial need for the bursary support.

SA Citizenship/Residency

SA citizens prioritized. Permanent residents also eligible.

Candidates that strongly meet every criteria have the highest probability of securing a bursary.

But how does the actual application and award process works?

Step-By-Step Application Guide

The BBD application window generally opens around May, closing end of July annually.

Here is how to approach the process:

📝 Apply Online

Submit comprehensive application via online portal

📎 Verify Documentation

Have your ID, supporting documents ready

🗣️ Interview Virtually

If shortlisted – attend video interview

📑 Receive Outcome

Award decisions usually by September

🤝 Sign Agreement

Accept offer by signing contract

Diligently following this streamlined process maximizes your shot at success.

Setting Yourself Apart

In the highly competitive bursary landscape, exceptional candidates:

Showcase Leadership

Evidence initiative, integrity and responsibility.

Communicate Passion for IT

Articulate genuine drive to pursue problem-solving tech innovation.

💪 Prove Resilience

Convey perseverance and grit in dealing with past challenges.

🎯 Align Ambitions to BBD’s Vision

Understand and share how values intersect.

This advice will make you stand out from the pack!

Conclusion: A Life-Changing Opportunity

The BBD Bursary Programme empowers youth with vital funding, learning reinforcement and future work integration to unlock boundless career potential.

I encourage aspirant tech innovators and transformation leaders to thoroughly prepare an outstanding application. Join the BBD family – you will always belong!

Here’s to a future of technology for social good.


What IT specializations qualify?

Software engineering, computer science, information systems, data science, AI and cybersecurity degrees qualify provided core curriculum sufficiently technical.

What are the service obligations?

You must work for BBD 1 year for every bursary year sponsored. So a 3-year bachelor’s requires 3 years work commitment.

Can I lose my bursary?

Yes, consistently poor academic performance or misconduct means discontinuation. But valid reasons may warrant exceptions if evidence provided.

When do I need to apply by?

Annual application deadline is end of July. Start early!

Let me know if any other questions!


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