Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Bursary 2024/2025

The Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship: A Launchpad for Future Entrepreneurs

For passionate South African students with big dreams and entrepreneurial potential, the prestigious Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship offers the chance to gain financial support, skills development, and invaluable real-world experience.

Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Bursary


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In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore:

  • Benefits of the Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship
  • Eligibility criteria and qualifying degrees
  • Timeline for applications
  • Tips for putting your best foot forward
  • Additional resources for applicants

So let’s dive in and uncover how this Fellowship can equip you with an entrepreneurial mindset and empower your future success!

Introduction to the Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship

The Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship is a highly competitive program aimed at developing entrepreneurially-minded young leaders in Southern Africa.

Fellows are selected based on both academic merit and their passion for making a difference in the region. The Fellowship was founded through a partnership between:

  • Allan Gray – leading South African investment management company
  • Allan Gray Orbis Foundation – organization dedicated to developing entrepreneurial potential in youth
  • Allan Gray Fellows Programme Trust – oversees selection and funding

Alongside comprehensive financial support for university studies, the two-year Fellowship provides:

  • Exposure to entrepreneurial concepts and real-world experience
  • Mentorship opportunities with successful entrepreneurs
  • Workshops, conferences, and networking events
  • Continuous support to unlock Fellows’ potential

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Fellowship, applicants must:

  • Be a South African citizen studying at an eligible university
  • Meet the minimum academic average criteria (see below)
  • Be under the age of 22 in your application year
  • Study towards a qualifying undergraduate Commerce, Science, Engineering, Law, Humanities, Arts or Health Science (excluding Medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry) degree

Minimum Academic Requirements

  • Grade 12s: 70% average for mid-year Grade 12 exams
  • Current university students: 65% average for first-year mid-year exams

Meeting the eligibility criteria is crucial, so be sure to check that you qualify before applying.

Universities Participating in the Fellowship

Qualifying degrees must be pursued at one of these partner universities:

  • University of the Witwatersrand (WITS)
  • University of Johannesburg (UJ)
  • University of Cape Town (UCT)
  • Nelson Mandela University (NMU)
  • Rhodes University (RU)
  • University of the Western Cape (UWC)
  • Stellenbosch University (SU)
  • University of Pretoria (UP)
  • University of the Free State (UFS)
  • University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)

So if you attend or plan to attend one of these institutions, you’re eligible to apply.

Benefits of the Fellowship Package

The Fellowship provides comprehensive support including:

Financial assistance

  • Full tuition fees
  • Accommodation fees
  • Meal allowance
  • Textbook allowance
  • Monthly stipend

Skills development

  • Entrepreneurial workshops, events and mentoring
  • Exposure to real-world business environments
  • Building your professional network

This enables eligible students to focus fully on their studies and growth.

The Fellowship is awarded for a two-year duration, subject to satisfactory progress.

Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Timeline

  • Applications open: May 2023 (TBC)
  • Applications close: June 2023 (TBC)
  • Final selection: August 2023
  • Fellowship commencement: January 2024

Be sure to monitor the Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship website for exact dates. Applications fill up fast, so submit yours early.

Tips for Applying

Follow these tips to create the strongest possible fellowship application:

  • Check you meet all eligibility criteria – including age, grades, university and degree choice.
  • Start early – Give yourself ample time to gather documents and prepare your application.
  • Highlight achievements – Emphasize academic, extracurricular, leadership and volunteering accomplishments.
  • Demonstrate your entrepreneurial spirit – Convey your passion, creativity, problem-solving abilities, tenacity and vision.
  • Write stellar essays – Let your personality and goals shine in your personal statement and short answer responses.
  • Obtain an excellent reference – Select someone who can vouch for your abilities, motivation and potential.

With diligent preparation, you can develop an outstanding application.

Additional Fellowship Resources

Consult these sources for more information and application support:

  • Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Website:
  • Fellowship Brochure:
  • FAQs:
  • Youth Opportunities Hub:

Don’t hesitate to leverage these to perfect every aspect of your application.


The prestigious Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship presents a truly life-changing opportunity for emerging student leaders with the spark of entrepreneurship.

If you have the grades, the passion, the vision and the drive, I highly encourage you to apply for the chance to develop critical skills, gain invaluable experience, and amplify your future success.

I wish you the very best in becoming an Allan Gray Fellow – a journey to tap into your full potential awaits! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if any other questions arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries about the Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship:

What types of degrees qualify for the Fellowship?

Commerce, Science, Engineering, Law, Humanities, Arts and Health Sciences (excluding Medicine, Vet Science and Dentistry).

What are the minimum grade requirements?

70% average in Grade 12 mid-year exams or 65% average in university first year mid-year exams.

Is there an age limit to apply?

Yes, you must be under 22 years old in the year of application.

Can I apply in matric or must I already be at university?

You can apply at the end of Grade 12 or the end of your first university year.

How long does the bursary last?

The Fellowship is a 2-year program, subject to meeting renewal criteria.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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