List Of 90-day payday loans with no credit check in South Africa

Getting 90-Day Payday Loans With No Credit Checks in South Africa

When an unexpected expense pops up, a 90-day payday loan can provide South Africans with a convenient way to spread repayment over 3 months. These medium-term loans also often do not require intensive credit checks, which is helpful if your score is not perfect.

In this comprehensive guide, I detail top lenders offering 90-day cash loans without credit checks in South Africa, what to know before applying, required documents, the step-by-step process, and a FAQ covering common application questions.

List Of 90-day payday loans with no credit check in South Africa

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List of payday loans in South Africa no credit check

Top 3 Options for 90-Day Payday Loans

I researched South Africa’s leading online lenders offering convenient 90-day loans for employed individuals – even with poor credit scores. Here are the top 3 picks:

Williams Finance

Williams Finance specializes in medium-term loans with affordable repayment structured over 60 to 90 days.

Some benefits of using Williams Finance include:

  • Loans up to R150,000
  • No credit checks required
  • Paperless applications are processed quickly
  • 100% online application and funding
  • Low interest rates from 18% to 36% APR

With Williams Finance you get the flexibility of spreading repayment over 90 days – helping cash flow management versus 30-day money loans.

Protea Loans

Protea Loans approves borrowers for 61 to 90-day payday loans tailored to individual affordability.

Their service features:

  • Fixed monthly installments
  • Loans from R500 up to R150,000
  • No credit checks for pre-approvals
  • Paperless applications via mobile
  • Option to extend if necessary

If you need to spread repayment of your loan over 3 months or more, Protea Loans provides flexible medium-term borrowing.


Rounding out the top lenders, FineHelp partners with networks of direct lenders to help South Africans find 90-day financing regardless of current credit standing.

Benefits provided by FineHelp:

  • Access loan options from R500 to R150,000
  • Loans for permanently employed individuals
  • Upfront details on fees/repayments
  • Handle applications start-to-finish

FineHelp’s main value is in simplifying your process of getting matched with 90-day loan lenders willing to work with your situation.

What To Know Before Applying

While getting approved for 90-day payday loans without intensive credit checks expands access to funds when you need it, consider a few factors upfront:

  • Costs still tend to be higher than traditional term financing
  • Lenders levy affordability assessments with required proof documents
  • Approval speeds vary depending on your unique situation
  • Late or absent payments result in increased fees
  • Can be challenging having large repayments with your pay cycle.

Make sure you evaluate your budget, factoring in the fixed repayment amounts strategically so as not to further financial hardship. Used judiciously, these no credit check 90-day loans provide important cash flow relief when structured appropriately to your situation.

Documents Required for 90-Day Loans

Reputable lenders offering medium term loans will require certain documents during the application process to substantiate details about your financial situation.

Common items requested include:

  • Copy of your valid green South African ID
  • Latest 3 months bank account statements
  • Last 3 payslips if formally employed
  • Proof of residence/utility bill in your name
  • Signed permission for affordability checks
  • Self-employed may need to provide alternative income evidence

Having these documents ready to upload or submit to loan agents can greatly speed the pre-approval and final approval process when applying for 90-day financing.

How To Apply for 90-Day Payday Loans Online

Here is a step-by-step process to apply and get approved for South African 90-day payday loans completely online:

  1. Compare Lenders
    Research and compare top providers highlighted earlier that meet your preferences around loan size, terms, rates, etc.
  2. Determine Loan Amount
    Decide the loan amount you need based on the financial gap and planned use of proceeds. Amounts from R500 to R150,000 tend to be offered.
  3. Prepare Required Documents Ensure you have electronic copies of your ID, bank statements, payslips, address proof convenient and ready for upload. This will prevent delays.
  4. Complete Online Application
    Access the lender site you pick and complete their secured online loan application – very fast and easy!
  5. Provide Additional Info If Required
    Your chosen lender may request you electronically submit the prepared documents you gathered as part of validation and affordability checks unique to your application.
  6. Get Pre-Approval Decision Quick initial decision is provided based on the details you submitted – often no credit checks are required at this stage!
  7. Accept Offer if Pre-Approved
    If satisfied with pre-approved amounts and repayment structure, digitally accept the loan contract. Ensure you understand all provided terms.
  8. Set Repayments to Match Pay Cycle
    Work with your loan agent to schedule installment debits from your bank account to align with your pay cycle if possible. This aids cash flow management.
  9. Receive 90-Day Loan via EFT Finally, once contract signed your loan proceeds will be directly EFT’d into your chosen bank account swiftly so you can access funds!

That’s the process for getting matched with 90-day loan lenders and receiving proceeds completely online and without intensive credit reviews. The top lenders highlighted here provide South Africans with the documentation flexibility and access to medium term financing many people need these days.

Answers to Common 90-Day Loan Questions

Here are responses to some frequently asked questions around securing no credit check 90-day payday loans in South Africa:

If I apply multiple times, will it impact approval chances?

Not necessarily. Top lenders understand periodic financial challenges. But make sure to repay current loans on schedule before applying for any subsequent needed financing.

What if I have an existing loan, can I still apply?

Maybe, depending on your current affordability situation. Having an additional loan layer will get incorporated into budget evaluations and could reduce amounts offered.

Do these lenders run background checks as well?

More intensive affordability assessments involve proof of residence, employment checks and income verification more so than personal background checks.

What if I cannot repay on time – are extensions available?

Certain lenders allow 1-time extensions or structured payment plans if you cannot fully repay as originally scheduled. But additional fees apply so this option tends to be expensive.

I trust this set of FAQs delivers helpful clarity for South Africans exploring quick 90-day payday loans that do not require perfection around credit history or current open loans.


As detailed in this guide, leading online lenders like Williams Finance, Protea Loans, and FineHelp offer South African borrowers a pathway to accessing 90-day payday loan financing without intensive credit reviews or history holding them back.

Convenient online applications combined with flexible repayment structured over 3 months provide important relief for periodic cash shortfalls many families and individuals face. Just make sure to carefully budget required payments each month if you get approved for a 90-day cash loan.

Let me know if you have any other questions on securing these types of no-credit-check medium-term loans in South Africa!


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